by charlie kay

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released February 17, 2016



all rights reserved


charlie kay San Diego, California

Some songs about feelings

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Track Name: quickykissme
feeling really sad
missing you real bad
wishing i could kiss
the corners of your lips

before i go to bed
i pull your shirt over my head
so when i fall asleep
it feels like you are with me

when you're away
i am so lonely
i wait for the day
when you are back where you should be
in my arms

in my small tiny apartment
on my even smaller couch
watching bobs burgers for the millionth time
with our fingers intertwined
Track Name: city lights
i was driving home
everything was flying by
i thought i saw your name
spelled out in city lights

i wanted to turn my car around
and drive back to your town
and kiss you on the mouth

but i was already halfway home to san diego
and you would probably be asleep by the time i got there
i wish i could fall asleep to the sound of you breathing tonight

i thought i saw your name
spelled out in city lights
oh how i wish that i could
have your hand placed in mine
Track Name: beer towers
these past few months I've been sleeping on the floor
i've forgotten what a bed is even for
all i want to do is make beer towers with you
but youre so far away
so i just count down the days
til i can see you again

and i know its dumb, how much i miss you
cause i feel like i barely know you
all i know is, i dont deserve you
but im just glad to have met you