living alone

by charlie kay

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released July 3, 2016



all rights reserved


charlie kay San Diego, California

Some songs about feelings

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Track Name: broken sink
Water dripping from the faucet reminds me
I've got a lot to fix
In my apartment and in my head

Piling up empty beer cans from the night
I spent all alone
In my apartment and in my head

I haven't got all day
Or anything to say
I'd rather rot away all alone
In my apartment and in my head
Track Name: smoke detector
Lonely most of my life
Surprised I haven't lost my mind

Smell of burning food
Too sad to care I hope this place burns down

Age doesn't make you smarter
Sleep doesn't fix your tiredness
Mix up some soap and water
And start cleaning up this mess
My life is one big mess
Track Name: spare key
Locked myself out again
Walking through spiderwebs
To crawl through my window
I hope that my jacket doesn't get caught again
On the windowsill

My mom keeps reminding me
That i should make a spare key
But I am too lazy to care about those things
No motivation to want to fix anything